Fifty and FabYOUlous!

Fifty and FabYOUlous!

"Aging is human evolution in its pure form"

Jamie Lee Curtis

Women of all ages should be celebrated but all too often as women age, they are overlooked, under valued and forgotten. Just look at some of our great mature actresses who have ceased being offered big parts on the screen, yet their silver-fox male counterparts grace our screens liberally. 

Thankfully some are striving to make this a thing of the past and show the world how magnificent women are as they blossom in age, grow into and bathe in their own delicate magic.

With that in mind as I passed the golden age of fifty, I reflected on my past and the girl that I once was. I always thought that I would be fearful of reaching this peak in my life, however I am truly thankful for the big birthday that I celebrated in style last year. 

I am now looking forward to the best fifty years, which are ahead of me.

Now I am a women embracing and celebrating my body as I decorate my face with a beautiful smile. 

I am sure of my needs, views and passions as I dance into the future. Who's coming with me.

With this wonderful realisation I felt that a celebration of women age fifty and above to show the world how fabulous we are, was in order...

And with that Fifty and FabYOUlous was launched!

If you would like to be involved in this project as a subject or behind the scenes, maybe you are a make-up artist, hairdresser or a photographer feel free to book a call with me.

I look forward to getting creative with you!

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